Girl Talk Ambassador

Zambia, Volunteer

At Choose Yourself, we envision the growth of Girl Talk in every country, city, and town. We believe the conversations had in Girl Talks are necessary for every community and are determined to deliver this empowerment, sisterhood, and solidarity to all young women and girls across the globe.
Girl Talk Ambassadors are young girls and anyone who identifies as a woman, interested in being a part of Girl Talk and making this vision of bringing these conversations to their closest community. Girl Talk Ambassadors are located in every community and work to develop conversations they believe to be beneficial for the communities they live in, identify potential sponsors, and organize Girl Talk in their communities. Ambassadors are the heart of Girl Talk because they are located in the communities. They are able to have these conversations with other young women and girls on a daily. Ambassadors get mentorship and training from the director of the Girl Talk program and work closely with her as they organize Girl Talks.

These are the responsibilities of a Girl Talk Ambassador as they work closely with Girl talk head leader to:

– plan and organize Girl Talk in their communities
– Identifying panelists to invite
– Providing information on the potential venue and the costs related

They should have the following skills among many:
– Impeccable time managers
– Exceptional communication skills
– Work excellently in teams and independently
– Pay attention to detail, write precise drafts
– Enthusiastic about Girl Talk and its vision

At Choose Yourself, we are looking for women passionate about women’s issues, aware of systemic and structural inequalities and love other women. We are looking for women interested in learning about womanism, Black feminism, and intersectional feminism, who are interested in unpacking the different ways we are socialized. In the end, we hope that this will contribute to their growth and success of Girl Talk Africa.
Our team is filled with young women who are willing to be resources for Girl Talk Ambassadors as they journey into this field that requires a lot of unlearning and learning.