Operations Assistant – Cleaning Services

Full Time Salary: Closes: July 12, 2021

The Operations Assistant will report to the Operations Manager and will be in charge of providing inspired leadership in the overall operation of the cleaning unit of Spotless Africa. She/he will collect data, analyse and improve organisational processes, implement training standards, and work to improve quality, productivity and efficiency. The Operations Assistant will play a huge role in the supervising of frontline cleaning staff and the development and implementation of operational policies and procedures.
Spotless Duties and Responsibilities
1. Leadership: responsible for providing excellent leadership to the cleaning services unit staff, and to assist the Manager with administrative leadership of the cleaning services operation.
Provide leadership as a coach and mentor to frontline cleaning staff in the delivery of excellent service
2. Supervision: responsible for providing excellent supervision and support to the staff.
Assist the Human Resource Manager in the recruitment process cleaning services staff (i.e hiring, onboarding process)
Measure and evaluate performance of direct reports through both formal performance appraisals and informal methods such as regular feedback and training.
Lead the creation and delivery of staff training and development opportunities in co-ordination with the Supervisors of Cleaning Service.
3. Cleaning Operations Management: accountable for planning, developing, and co-ordinating processes to effectively manage cleaning services programs focusing on continuous improvement and supporting the Department’s goal of clean, comfortable and spotless offices, homes and premises for clients. This requires to:
Lead and implement cleaning standards and best practices in day to day cleaning.
Establish consistent operating procedures and processes to ensure effective and efficient workflow.
4. Procurement and Logistics Management: responsible for the procurement of equipment and tools, uniforms, chemicals and other items required in cleaning service delivery.
Planning, coordinating, and monitoring of logistics operations such as storage and inventory management, transportation and supply chain management.
5. Measurement and Evaluation: responsible to collect and maintain Key Performance Indicators and other measures of performance that align with the strategic direction of the Cleaning Services unit.
Provide data, progress reports related to effectiveness and continuous improvement goal achievement.
Organize the work of others and self to conduct research, compile statistics, develop reports, and communicate results.
Qualification: A diploma or higher qualification in a related field with at least three years work experience in the cleaning industry

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