Team Leader – Experienced Banking and finance expert in the field of Renewable Energy, Zambia (Lusaka)

Lusaka, Zambia, Zambia, Full Time

The objective of the assignment is to build the capacity of selected local commercial banks, institutional investors, and the Zambian financial industry for its enhanced understanding on renewable energy financing. The experts are expected to develop training materials and provide comprehensive and practical on-site training. The materials for the training should use regional case studies considering the Zambian context.
The areas to be covered by the training are the followings:
– Deals origination;
– Funding Structures;
– Project appraisal;
– Financing, Investment/credit policy;
– Risk management;
– Environmental and Social impact studies (E&S);
– Legal structuring and
– Technical due diligence.

The Team leader must have a Master’s degree in fields such as Banking and finance, Renewable energy technology and power engineering, Law, and Environmental & Social Safeguard as he will take-up a role of one of the speciality fields required as key staff;
A Bachelors and Master’s Degree in the fields mentioned is a must;
Good interpersonal and language (English) skills;
Exceptional communication, analytical and writing skills with proven experience in drafting reports;
Solid knowledge of information technologies and, in particular, the Microsoft Office suite (particularly Word and Excel).
Required Skills and Experience:

A minimum of 10 years of working experience in the field of Renewable Energy;
Proven experience in advising renewable energy transactions and/or providing training in renewable energy projects;
Demonstrate having experience and understanding of the financial and power sector;
Clear and in-depth understanding of international financing environment with specialty in renewable energy.