ToRs for Automation of ZCO Processes

Lusaka, Zambia Salary:

World Wide Fund for Nature Zambia (WWF Zambia) invites applications from reputable, well experienced automation/consulting companies to conduct “as-is” assessment and mapping, as well as to provide the actual automation solutions for each of the above aspects. These ToRs therefore outline requirements for the said automation consultancy.
World Wide Fund for Nature Zambia (WWF Zambia) is part of WWF International, the world’s leading independent conservation organisation with a global network in over 100 countries. Our mission is to stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment and to build a future in which people live in harmony with nature, for the benefit of both people and nature. The organisation has been working in Zambia since 1962; focusing on wildlife, forests, freshwater as well as People and livelihoods. Further, in its draft strategic plan for 2021-2025, WWF Zambia will also focus on agriculture, infrastructure and extractives in relation to the organization’s mission. WWF Zambia does much of its work through strategic and implementation partnerships. Besides partnering with government at various levels, WWF Zambia also partners and collaborates with other stakeholders including communities, traditional leaders, institutions of higher learning, researchers and research institutions, community based organisations, civil society organisations as well as other WWF network organisations. As part of continuous improvement of its management effectiveness and operational efficiencies in order to deliver conservation impact at scale, WWF Zambia is in the process of automating its operational processes; with support from WWF-Germany/BMZ as well as WWF-Netherlands.
The ToRs take cognizance of the requirement for ‘as-is’ assessment and solution mapping prior to making a proposal and quotation for solution. However, WWFZCO envisages that the applying automation company/consultant, informed by the details in these ToRs, will be in position to use their experience to determine with reasonable realism, the technical and cost requirements for the work at hand for their application.
2.1 Focus of this Automation Consultancy
The consultancy focuses on (i) end-to-end Grants Management; (ii) end-to-end procurement and (iii) staff performance management process called Performance Development Journey (PDJ).
2.2 Objectives and Scope of Work of this Automation Consultancy
2.2.1 Objectives of the Consultancy
WWFZCO seeks to improve the efficiency of its support functions in order to deliver conservation impact at scale through the following automation objectives, among others:
(i) To automate WWFZCO’s end-to-end Grants Management process – from grant identification and application to grant close-out;
(ii) To automate WWFZCO’s end-to-end procurement process – from procurement planning, supplier management, through receiving goods/services, payment, receipt of payment and records management;
(ii) To automate WWFZCO’s staff performance management process called Performance Development Journey (PDJ) by integrating the existing PDJ tool into Panda Pays (WWF Zambia’s automated system for logistical support service).
2.2.2 Scope of Work of the Consultancy
The consultancy shall:
Conduct review of the “as-is” and mapping solutions for the “to-be” (automated) processes for each of the 3 aspects, which are (a) Grants Management, (b) End-to-end Procurement, and (c) Performance Development Journey (PDJs) into Panda Pays;
Provide required solutions by procuring and installing the necessary soft and hardware to automate each of the 3 aspects noted above;
Further, test-run the automated processes and guarantee functionality, effectiveness, efficiency and smooth-running.
2.3 Specific Automation to be Done
A. Grants Management: WWFZCO needs a streamlined effective and efficient end-to-end system for:
Managing grants from Donors. Linked with the fundraising function, the end-to-end management of donor grants covers identification of funding opportunities, application for grants; pre-award, award, implementation of the grant and reporting as per agreement with donors.
Researching and applying for grants: the automation solution is expected to facilitate access to donor sites for funding opportunities and application. The solution should make provision for evaluating grant suitability and feasibility (matching WWFZCO’s goals and outcomes with those of the donors as outlined in the grant opportunity. Further, the solution should have provision that facilitates the application process;
Preparation for Grant Implementation; and Grant Receipting: The automation solution should provide for adaptable templates for grant implementation work plans, procurement plans, monitoring plans, reporting plans, audit plans and evaluation plans among other aspects. Further, the automation solution should provide for uploading grant agreements and approved budgets; as well as recording grant details such as award identification and bank account details. It should also have provision for tracking spending and grant balances as close to real-time as possible. To this effect, linkage between this solution and other WWFZCO automated processes such as procurement/spending modules is necessary;
Grant Implementation: It is desired that the automation solution for grant implementation is linked with and operationalizes the provisions including templates outlined in the Preparation for Grant Implementation; and Grant Receipting It is desirable that the solution has automated system of sending alert messages to signal approaching set lead-times for implementation aspects such as donor reporting, evaluations and audits;
Mid-term and End-term evaluation: The solution is expected to provide for operationalization of the evaluation plan and templates that were generated in the earlier stages of the grant management as noted above. Provision for alert messages to signal approaching set lead-times for mid-term or end-term evaluations will be useful;
Close-out: The solution should facilitate grant close-out process and requirements; with related adaptable templates. Again alert messages to signal approaching set lead-times for close-outs will be useful.
Managing sub-grants to the organization’s implementing partners or third parties. For this aspect, the automation solution shall be required to make provisions for both pre-award, award and post-award management system.
Pre-award: The automation solution will make provision for application management, i.e. sub-grant application platform on which available sub-grants are announced/advertised; on-line application mechanisms are provided with clear guidelines including eligibility requirements of categorized potential applicants, ceiling amounts per category of applicants; application template for both technical and financial proposal; profile of potential applicant and previous similar work. The automation solution shall also make provision for due diligence on and vetting of applicants, as well as make provision for application selection criteria and analysis.
Award: Provide for application selection approval by Committees in line with Conservation BPR and WWF International and donor standards. The solution shall make provision/template for contract award, clearly outlining the award conditions in the contract; with template for activities specific to agreed outcomes and impacts, as well as related budget-lines in the award budget. The automated solution shall also provide for contract signing by designated officers of WWF Zambia and of the partner being awarded the grant.
Post-award: Further, the automation solution shall provide for post-award management which include activity implementation monitoring and reporting, financial tracking and reporting, joint reviews to ascertain results especially outcomes and evidence of contributing to impact, in line with the award contract. The automation solution shall also make provision for importing reports from sub-grantees into WWF Zambia’s main reporting template for reporting to the donors.
In summary, the automation solution shall ensure provisions are in place for (i) project proposal submission, (ii) project proposal review, evaluation and selection, (iii) grant award, i.e. fund allocation, (iv) grant monitoring, (v) partner’s performance management support and reporting, (vi) compliance and risk management, and (vii) reporting (consolidated) reporting to the donor.
B. Procurement: An end-to-end procurement system encompassing
Accommodation of procurement procedures: The solution should have provision for procurement levels such as small procurement requiring just a receipt of payment; substantial procurement requiring 3 or more quotations; medium procurement requiring formal written quotations/proposals; or large procurement requiring tendering;
Supplier Management: Provision for securing, selecting, approving and managing list and details of suppliers per categories of goods and services required by WWFZCO;
Procurement Planning: Identification and prioritization of procurement needs; scheduling of the procurement with a lead-time of 3 months; specifying the needed goods or services and in accordance with the respective budgets. So, the automated solution should provide for the necessary scoping, time-frame, price/budget and specification, among other aspects;
Purchase Requisitioning or contracting: Sourcing and documentation of quotations or tenders;
Evaluation of Quotations or tenders: Provision for analyzing and comparing received quotations or tenders; thus provision for a system that allows for inputting criteria specific for each procurement to facilitate selection of the most suitable quotation or bid;
Requisition or contract approval process: Provision for at least 3 levels of approval process: i.e. at least (a) recommendation by budget-holder, (b) checking/endorsement by relevant Finance Officer/Grant Accountant, and (c) approval by relevant member of the Senior Management Team (SMT), or by Tender/Procurement Committee. This shall be subject to further review in line with WWFZCO’s business process re-engineering (BPRs) as well as WWF International standards;
Final Purchase/Work Order or Contract: Provision for approval and issuance of final purchase order, work order or consultancy contract;
Receiving of goods or Services: Provision for certification or sign-off for received goods or services, with provision for documenting satisfaction or dissatisfaction (and outlining discrepancies and actions to be taken to address the discrepancies);
Invoice and Payment process: Provision for receiving and documenting invoice and processing the payments, and supported by documentation from (viii) above;
Receipts of Payment: Provision for uploading and saving copies of receipts of payment;
Records maintenance: Provision for maintaining records and linking with WWFZCO’s main financial and accounting packages.
C. Performance Development Journey (PDJ): The PDJ is an existing excel tool that facilitates end-to-end management of staff performance on the job, in WWF. So, the automation solution will require to design and develop the tool, but to simply embed it into Panda Pays and ensure interface with other applications tools and packages of WWF Zambia and WWF Network.
The features of the PDJ include provisions for:
Particulars of staff member – name, position, department, unit, line managers, etc;
Looking forward – employees’ drivers, aspirations for the fiscal year ahead, where they want to contribute to impact;
Setting objectives with clear performance indicators at the start of each fiscal year; as well as conducting performance review at the end of each fiscal year. This process is participatory – the employee and her/his manager;
Setting and reviewing development actions at the beginning and end of each fiscal year;
Feedback from colleagues in the network as well as external stakeholders;
Assessment of WWF behaviours: strive for impact; listen deeply, collaborate openly and innovate fearlessly; and WWF code of conduct;
Overall performance at the end of each fiscal year
Sign-off by the employee and line managers
2.4 Approach
Participatory and consultative approach, involving senior management team (SMT) and relevant/key staff of WWF Zambia, especially the Chief Operations Officer; Senior Managers responsible for Finance, Fundraising, as well as People, Culture and Operations. The consultants will be expected to carry out “as-is” assessments and solution mapping; then provide a report with recommendations for review, input and approval by the SMT, followed by implementation of the solution, i.e. automation.
2.5 Deliverables
Related to the objectives and scope of work (section 2.2) above, the following will be the deliverables for this consultancy:
An assessment report, clearly detailing the “as-is” processes and systems relating to each of (a) Grants Management, (b) End-to-end Procurement, and (c) Performance Development Journey (PDJs) into Panda Pay. The report should also clearly outline recommendations for required automation solutions (in terms of software, hardware, materials and any other requirements) for each of the said 3 automation aspects. The recommendations shall validate/update the technical and financial proposal by comparing the recommended solution and related costing with those on the proposal;
Actual automation solutions implemented – i.e. required solutions to automate each of the 3 aspects noted above are implemented by procuring, installing and test-running the necessary soft and hardware, ensuring smooth functioning.
2.6 Time-frame
The applying automation company/consultant is to provide a clear outline of realistic activity-timeline for:
Conducting “as-is” assessment and solution mapping, and
Providing the actual automation solution.
2.7 Reporting, Coordination and Payment
The consultant shall report to WWFZCO’s Chief Operations Officer, with whom the consultant will coordinate, including for logistical arrangements and facilitation of any required reference materials from WWFZCO. The Executive Assistant to the Country Director will deputize.
Payment for all the work shall be effected in full upon satisfactory achievement of deliverables stipulated in 2.5 above.
2.8 Application
Consulting firms and individual consultants meeting the above qualifications are invited to apply in writing. The application should include (i) covering letter (ii) technical proposal for each of the 3 aspects, clearly proposing how they intend to carry out the assignment; and a (iii) financial proposal for each of the 3 aspects, giving breakdown and total costs, including consultancy fee for the assignment (iv) profile of the company and CV of proposed lead-consultant. The application should be as one document.
Applications should be submitted by email, by 24th December 2020, 5pm, to with subject line “Automation of ZCO Processes”, and addressed to The People, Culture & Operations Manager – WWF Zambia.

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